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What Clients Are Saying

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

"Malena is very caring, intuitive and compassionate. The session started with an oracle/tarot reading that was spot on with my life journey right now. After that, she calls upon your angel squad to assist her in conducting an angel healing. If you are a first timer of receiving energy healing, you will appreciate Malena’s guidance throughout the session about what to expect and what she is doing and why she is doing it. This was the first time during a healing where I felt physical sensations throughout my entire body—I am sure Malena’s skills had something to do with it :). 

After the session, I felt safe and secure. I also felt full of light and confidence. Malena shared some of her personal experiences and gave some great tips and advice to help me on my journey. I highly recommend that you work with Malena in the future."

Michelle M.


"I felt very safe. I immediately felt comfortable in sharing a healing space with her and it was easy for me to open up about sensitive topics. I felt more relaxed and a sense of calmness, could feel energy moving through my body. Malena is calm, grounded and easy to talk with."

Shannon H.

Pink Blossom
White Tree

"Malena is truly an amazing professional. She seamlessly helped me uncover the realization that fear I have ben holding onto reaches into other areas of my life that I wasn't fully aware of. She has a wonderful aura of safety and security that allowed me to open up and be vulnerable."

Dede, Tennessee

"Malena is a talented medium and oracle. She has the ability to tune in on exactly what you need to work on and heal. She gives loving messages from Spirit that helped me validate the journey I am on. I experienced lots of love and light in our session, particularly when we did some Theta healing. She is talented and I enjoy whenever I work with her."

Tracey, Canada

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