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Intuitive Session

This is your time and space to feel supported, seen and understood. We will explore together and connect with your guides and ancestors to ask and receive the guidance that you are ready to hear. But make no mistake that you have been guided here by your loved ones on the other side. By saying yes to them and yourself, you are saying that you are ready to go deeper within yourself and do the work. Ready to purge and remove the things that are no longer serving you, things that may be holding you back or have you playing small in your life. You are ready to step into who you are on a SOUL LEVEL! Ready to get to work? Then book a session today to start this life changing and magical transformational process! 

3 or 6 Intuitive Session Package

These packages will help you get momentum in your growth and transformation. Sessions will be booked no more than 2 weeks apart to keep the momentum going. Deep transformation in your life IS possible, but you need to show up for yourself  first before you can show up for others. When you know yourself more deeply and are able to come form your own healed and loving heart, then you can show up in your life more fully and in your own power. Your ancestors are with you every step of the way. This commitment tells the universe that you are saying yes to healing, knowing yourself and growing in love. Time to get down and party with your soul and all your guides and ancestors! 

30 Minute Card Reading

Ask questions and receive guidance through the cards. Communicate with your passed loved ones, ancestral line, spirit guides and so many of your invisible allies. 

**New** Video Card Reading

Ask up to 3 questions and receive a recorded video response sent to your email within 48 hours!

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