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I came into my spiritual training later in life after the birth of my daughter. I am a trained therapist who worked in restaurant management for nearly a decade. I found myself feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and confused about my life and was having a hard time feeling inspired. The work I once enjoyed felt repetitive and I was losing myself as I worked relentlessly to keep up with the appearance that I had everything put together. It’s like I knew that chapter was over but wasn’t sure where to go, who I was anymore, or even what I was capable of. It all started slipping. This is when it all changed. I knew that there was more to what I was allowing myself to experience and to see. Through my own inner work and the help of my mentors and teachers, I found myself again. And not just found me again but found a more open, truer and authentic version! Turns out this life is way more magical then we are even taught and every day I thank every experience that lead me here as I continue growing and discovering more parts of myself on the regular. These roots ran deep down in my family line but had been ignored and forgotten. With my healing came a powerful revelation that I am a medium and healer in this life and that these abilities were always with me.  I have now come to understand that so many of us have them and/or have the potential to uncover them with ourselves. That is if we want it. For we always have choice.  

Now, I find myself passionate about sharing this knowledge with you while helping you find your own power, connection and support. To help you tap into the energy that is all around us and our own wells of infinite love and support. My work is about helping people like you find their rhythm in life again, to feel empowered and supported. Connecting with your own magic while deepening your connection with your ancestors and invisible support system we all have in place. I have merged my education and experiences in counseling and deep spiritual healing to help you pinpoint areas in your life that feel out of alignment. You aren’t broken and nothing is missing. You have the answers within, I am here for you. I am simply the guide and messenger. 



I received my Masters in Counseling from Loyola University New Orleans were I focused primarily on play therapy, group and individual therapy. During the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have found my mentor, Tammy de Mirza The Breakthrough Alchemist™ where she helped me uncover and find the more authentic version of myself and what I was capbale of. I later studied and became certified in both Reiki levels 1 and 2. Most recently I completed Corin Grillo's Angel Alchemy Academy™ where I earned my certification in Theta Healing™ Basic DNA. 



My hope is that doing this type of work will show you, as it has done for me, how to celebrate life and that we are all truly connected! How all life experiences are opportunities for us to learn, grow and overcome. That is, if we are open to it.  

Connecting with your ancestors and spirit teams helps you to gain insight, clarity and knowledge about who you are and what you want. This leads to more authenticity. This insight will lead you inward to uncover, discover, heal, overcome and even rewrite the past traumas that are holding you back from your fullest potential. By knowing yourself more deeply, you will find alignment again, you will become stronger, you will find that nothing is wrong with you, that you are indeed whole. That you are indeed not alone. That you are so very loved and supported beyond what you may think is possible. 

It is my belief that our thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world around us directly influence all that we create and manifest for ourselves. When we are in alignment, there is an ease and lightness in everything we do. This energy is released into the universe and we get more of it. We attract more goodness, wonder, excitement and most importantly...LOVE.

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