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Are you ready to Heal and Connect?

You may not believe this but you don’t have to suffer or feel alone. Healing is not just possible but what you came here to do. 
And guess what...You are
NEVER alone. 
Your ancestors and guides are with you and want you to feel their support and unconditional love for YOUI can help you feel, sense and know it. 

By working with me and my unique skill set as a trained therapist, healer and medium, I will help you to:


  • Make sense and heal from the pain, grief, trauma you are feeling in this life.​ 

  • Connect you with your very own and unique spirit team filled with angels, ancestors and guides to receive the clear messages and guidance you may be so desperately seeking at this time​​.

  • Discover who you are on a soul level and help you to nurture that part of you while discovering what your own abilities are.


I am offering hope, support, a safe place to purge, get ugly if you need to, explore, be who you are. Then you usher a whole new you, a more authentic and aligned version of you. 

I’m going to show you how to dance in life again…CELEBRATE!

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"Malena's warm and supportive energy made me feel very comfortable as she took me on such a deep healing journey during our session...the guidance that Malena channeled has helped me finally feel safe to shine my light."

-Linda G.

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Check out my new Podcast collaboration!

Join me and my amazing, talented and beautiful soul sista Janet Uribe as we explore how spiritual principles have forever changed how we see and experience the world. We will share our own experiences as we grow and heal with you, what we have learned through working with our clients and offer you opportunities to grow with us very soon! 

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A little bit about me...

My name is Malena Rodriguez

I am a human on this earth passionate about understanding that which we cannot see but know is there. I am a healer, medium, mother, partner, daughter, sister and so much more. This life can be a really wild ride but through my own experiences and personal inner work, I found the magic in it all again and have been freeing myself more and more everyday from the boxes I put myself in.


I love the journey I am on and want to help you feel lighter, more free and discover the amazing abilities you have. The support we have that we cannot see, is waiting to help guide us and aid us in finding the magic in life again.

I can help you. Let's discover the parts of you that are waiting to be seen again together. Find that fierce inner power again. Remember who you are and why you are here. 

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DISCLAIMER: During your healing and spiritual development, you may be given advice by Malena and her team of guides. You are fully responsible for any choices you make. By working with Malena, you agree that she is not a substitute for medical, legal, tax, financial advice and you take full responsibility and ownership for the results you create.

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